School of Sports Science

1. Welcome to the School of Sports Science

The School of Sports Science boasts the expertise as the forerunner in the USA to succeed and develop the traditional martial art of Korea, Taekwondo. Especially the Department of Martial Arts is proud of being the first independent institution to teach Taekwondo in the USA. As a pioneer of the School of Sports Science, the Department of Martial Arts, focused on Taekwondo, conducts practical research on philosophical understanding of Taekwondo and health promotion through Taekwondo training.

The Department of Martial Arts educates Taekwondo specialists based on a systematically researched and developed academic program. The department also cultivates talented individuals who will play a vital role in the academic growth of Taekwondo by developing and promoting renewed practical functions and theories of Taekwondo to spread worldwide. This Department not only cultivates high-level martial art masters in Taekwondo but also plans to promote Judo, golf players, and so on.

Upon Graduation

With a BA degree in Martial Arts and after achieving a black belt test level of VI, students are qualified as masters, referees, instructors, bodyguards, safety staff, physical education instructors, Taekwondo organization administrators, Taekwondo event markets, etc. After graduation, students are prepared to acquire Taekwondo belt certification, Taekwondo master certification, Sports for all instructor certification, Sports game instructor certification, and various referee certifications.