Welcome to Georgia Central University.


Celebrating its 30th anniversary, GCU is moving ahead for a great novel leap.

As we experience difficult times worldwide due to COVID-19, education is also moving towards new initiatives and challenges. Amid the current change from the offline to the online era, local education has accordingly shifted to educating a wide array of people located all around the world.
GCU is a dynamic institution of Christian higher education, influencing the world and ushering in a new era. We are pioneering a model of education for the future that offers alternatives by responding to various challenges of different times and spaces. In preparation for the next 30 years, we will open the Department of Taekwondo in the College of Sports Science, thereby growing into a central university that contributes to the globalization of Korean culture.
We currently offer exemplary, creative, and multicultural academic experiences at the School of Christianity, the School of Business, the School of Music, the School of Computer Science, the Graduate School of Divinity, the ESOL Program, and the School of Sports Science.
At GCU, you will receive a solid education that combines academic competence with professional passion and that emphasizes mature discipleship and personal integrity as a practical life.
GCU is the cradle of holistic education where mature discipleship and personal integrity are manifest in practical living and that practices education combining academic competence with professional passion.
Paul C. Kim, Ph.D.
Georgia Central University