Fall 2019 Semester begins on August 19

Fall 2019 Registration Period is from July 15th (Mon) till 19th (Fri), 2019. Late registration will be charged $100 for late fee. 2019 가을 학기 등록기간은 7월 15일 (월) 부터 19일 (금)까지 입니다. 문의: 교무처 770-220-79...

Fall 2019 Registration

Fall 2019 Registration 가을학기 등록 Fall 2019 Registration Period

Faculty Workshop

Faculty Workshop Fall 2019 Faculty Workshop Date Changed to July 12th (Fir)

Faculty Workshop on Online Teaching & Assessment

For the Fall 2019 Semester Faculty workshop will be held on July 12, 2019 (Fri) at 10:00 am. All the Full and Part time faculty members and staff are asked to attend the workshop. The prospective topics are (1) Learning t...

Summer Sessions (Online) 온라인 여름학기 시작

Summer 2019 Online Course Offering Guide Period 기간: May 20 - July 26 (10 weeks + 1 week break) Courses 개설과목: 1. Introdiction to the Old Testment 구약개론 (홍연표 교수) 2. Church History II 교회사 II (곽계일 교수) 3...