School of Divinity

The School of Divinity aims to educate and train students for ministerial, educational, and missionary leadership for Christ and His Kingdom through rigorous programs of theological studies and personal and spiritual disciplines. The School seeks to serve Korean/Korean-American churches and the global Christian communities.

With a degree in School of Divinity, you will be able to:   
  • Be faithful interpreters of the Bible, informed by contemporary biblical scholarship in the area of biblical studies, and of the Christian faith and practice, informed by Reformed-evangelical theological heritage and history;
  • Be responsible communicators in diverse social and cultural contexts, informed by ethnic/cultural studies from biblical, missionary, and educational perspectives;
  • Be truthful disciples of Christ, regularly practicing spiritual disciplines and demonstrating spiritual maturity in personal and public realms;
  • Be competent and efficient ministerial leaders in the church and/or other settings.
Master of Divinity (MDiv)    Read More

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) program is intended to prepare students for ordained ministry in the church and/or church-related ministries. The program is designed to educate and train each student who seek to serve as ordained ministers, evangelists, missionaries, and other ministry leaders.

MDiv curriculum [pdf] MDiv curriculum [kor:pdf]
Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE)    Read More

The Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE) program is intended to equip and prepare students to become competent leaders in the educational ministries of the Church. The program is designed to help students develop their own philosophy of Christian education and enhance their capacity to teach in the church and various other educational contexts.

MACE curriculum [pdf] MACE curriculum [kor:pdf]
Master of Arts in Mission Studies (MAMSWC)    Read More

The Master of Arts in Mission Studies and World Christianity program (MAMSWC) is intended to help students lay biblical and theological foundations of Christian mission, to develop intercultural and/or cross-cultural perspectives, and integrate biblical, theological, intercultural, and ministerial studies to advance Gods mission in the post-Christendom era.

MAMSWC curriculum [pdf] MAMSWC curriculum [kor:pdf]
Doctor of Ministry program (DMin)    Read More

The Doctor of Ministry program (DMin) is intended to help students with a MDiv degree or its equivalent enhance their ministerial capacity in the local church or other ministerial settings. The program advances the general practice of ministry as well as expertise in specialized areas of ministerial practice, such as pastoral care, preaching, missions, leadership, organizational administration, and multicultural ministries.

DMin curriculum [pdf] DMin curriculum [kor:pdf]
PhD in Intercultural Studies (PHDICS)    Read More

The PhD in Intercultural Studies program (PHDICS) is intended to equip students for vocations of teaching and research in theological schools, colleges, and universities, or for the academic study of missional and ministerial practice. The PhD offers courses primarily in the following three emphasis areas of Intercultural Studies: (1) historical-theological studies; (2) global/contextual studies; (3) ministerial development & leadership studies. Students may choose a dissertation topic in one of these areas.

phD curriculum [pdf] phD curriculum [kor:pdf] Institutional Assessment Report 2016-2018 [pdf]