English for Specific Purposes

English for Specific Purposes Track Courses were designed for students at a high level of proficiency in English, who wish to strengthen or polish their English skills in order to better prepare for academic studies. In order to enroll in these courses, students will need to successfully complete Level 6 or obtain a minimum score of 71 on their placement test. Click here for complete course descriptions.

Academic Writing

These courses aim to develop or refine the writing skills that students will need to function within an academic community. They cover the basic structures of term papers and other types of academic writing, with focus on establishing the rationale and purpose of an academic paper. Since academic writing is dependent on the research of others, the courses emphasize the importance of finding, evaluating and referring to relevant literature. In addition, they provide students with writing and language techniques that are useful in writing a clear, coherent, logical text.


Speaking and Pronunciation for Academic Study

These courses combine the important academic skill of speaking with the study of pronunciation, on the basis that both are essential components of communicating clearly and effectively in an academic environment. Students will develop or refine the skills that they need to participate in academic classes and discussions, and will develop good presentation skills. They will also develop their pronunciation in English to a level that will enable the listener to understand them with ease.


Critical Reading and Writing

Students engage in independent reading outside of class. The goal is to get students to read as much as possible, for their own pleasure, at a difficulty level at which they can read smoothly and quickly without looking up words or translating to English as they go. In other words, instead of spending a lot of time decoding a tiny part of one book, they read many simpler books that are at or slightly below the level at which they read fluently. This lets them get used to reading more complex sentences with ease, reinforces the words they already know, and helps them learn new words from context.


Cross-Cultural Communication

This course is based on the idea that the cultural use of English and an understanding of cultural values and attitudes should be incorporated into language programs designed to teach language competence. The purpose of the course is to help students understand and adapt to American culture and to cultural differences affecting their communication with speakers of American English.


American Fiction

In order to include the culture prevalent in America combined with reinforcing grammar and vocabulary building skills, this course offers a study of American short stories to advanced level English language learners. Students will read, analyze, discuss, and write about the short stories presented in class.


English for Business

Students learn the language and life skills necessary for doing business in English. They develop confidence and fluency in key communication business-related contexts. The course covers everyday business speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, through a range of guided practice, exercises, and case studies. The aim to is enable students to find out how they can use English within a given theme, and then to help them develop these skills.


American Culture

These courses are based on content taught in American history, culture, and sociology courses in high schools, colleges, and universities in the United States. They are designed to prepare students for further academic study in English. Students focus on their reading, writing, note-taking, vocabulary, critical thinking, listening, speaking, discussion, vocabulary, and test taking skills while learning about American history and culture.

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