Safety Precaution

For your safety and health concern, please be mindful of the following as you enter the building: 1. Sign-in your name and time; 2. Check your body temperature, using the uncontactable thermometer; 3. If the color is green or yellow on the thermo screen, proceed; 4. If the color is red, note that you are going back home, please go back and stay at home; 5. Please wear your mask while you are with anyone; and 6. Please keep social distance (minimum 6 feet away). Be safe and have a blessed day!

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Georgia Central University Lecture Series

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Our Dean of School conducted Chorus of Myu

Dr. Hee Churl Kim (Dean of School of Music) conducted chorus to commemorate the 41st anniversary of the establishment of Myung Sung Chur...

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Notice for the Faculty Promotions Overview

Notice for the Faculty Promotions Overview Faculty are evaluated for promotion on the criteria established by their career. All candidat...

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