The mission of the ESOL program is to develop students’ academic and intercultural communication skills, vital to life in the United States. The program provides a complete course of instruction as well as electives in the linguistic and pragmatic aspects of the English language, thereby enabling students to acclimate to and fully participate in diverse communities ranging from local to international, and college to university.


The ESOL Program at GCU was created in 2002 primarily to support the increasing number of non-native speakers of English enrolling in the various degree programs at the institution. Another purpose for the creation of the program was to answer the need of the growing immigrant population in the area



The purpose of the program is to develop academic English skills for the university classroom and practical English skills for real-life situations. In order to accomplish this, the curriculum is based on the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR) and on research conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to determine the association between TOEFL iBT test scores and CEFR levels


Staying current

We understand that the field of language acquisition does not and cannot remain static. Language learning goals keep evolving, so our ESOL courses have to do the same. This is why, even though changes have recently been made, we are constantly conducting evaluations, doing some research, and revising various areas of the program in order to keep it current by staying up-to-date.

The leader in teaching languages

With over 12 years of experience, development​,​ and innovation in teaching English as a second language, the ESOL program at GCU is one of the most reputable English programs in Atlanta, ​which is ​ one of the most multicultural cities in the US. All classes are limited to ​a ​ maximum ​of ​ 12 students​. We offer unlimited online speaking, listening, pronunciation, TOEFL practice in our computer lab,​ and ​ morning, afternoon, and evening classes.

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