Cancellations or Withdrawals

Any new student who wishes to cancel their registration before classes begin is required to notify the Office of Academic Affairs and fill out the necessary withdrawal forms (Course Withdrawal Form). The appropriate withdrawal forms must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs. Failure to comply with proper withdrawal procedures may result in the denial of future readmission. The same procedure applies to continuing students who wish to withdraw from the program during the academic year.

Refund Policy

Tuition may be refunded as scheduled below. Fees are not refundable. Not attending classes does not constitute a formal withdrawal. A dated and signed Tuition Refund Request Form must be submitted to the Office of Business Affairs by the scheduled time shown below in order to be entitled to a refund. Students will receive refunds for overpayments and/or withdrawal from classes. Students will not receive refunds on late fee charges, any administrative charges, any private scholarships, late payment fees, application fee, and penalty for nonpayment or default payment fees. The President may consider refunds on an individual basis where personal emergency or extreme hardship is involved.

Refund Values

Check the percentage according to the period

# Period Percentage
1 During or prior to the first week of classes 100%
2 During the second week of classes 75%
3 During the third week of classes 50%
4 After the third week of classes No Refund

*Students submitting written notification of the intent to withdraw, during or prior to the first week of class, will receive the full tuition minus a non-negotiable $500 administrative fee.

**Refunds will be available within 14 days of withdrawal.

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