Pre-Beginning Courses

These courses are for students with limited English experience who, based on placement test results and instructors’ recommendations, place below ESOL beginning level courses. The goal of instruction is to prepare students to enter beginning level courses within two sessions. To achieve this goal, instruction focuses on developing students’ English competency by helping them to acquire skills in all basic areas (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). It emphasizes listening comprehension, speaking practice, reading, and intensive general vocabulary development. Click here for complete course descriptions.


Grammar courses are based on the idea that students learn more, remember more, and use language more effectively when they learn grammar in context. The grammar is presented in interesting contexts that are relevant to students’ lives. Additionally, the courses make sure to point out the obvious connections between grammar and writing, demonstrated through writing models and enhanced by editing practice for relevant application of target points. Students gain knowledge in both grammatical structures and a diverse array of topic areas. They learn how to use English grammar structures accurately in both speaking and writing.



In Writing courses, students will develop basic English grammatical structures and vocabulary skills. Students first read a paragraph written by an English language learner or teacher. By using checklists or fill-in sentences, students are directed to brainstorm about their own schools, families, jobs, and so on. Students then have an opportunity to write about themselves.



Reading courses focus on developing reading skills and on building vocabulary, literal comprehension, and fluency. The pre-reading questions focus students on the topic of the unit by introducing names, encouraging speculation about content, involving the students’ own experiences when possible and presenting vocabulary as the need arises. The reading passage for each lessons contains about 200 to about 250 words. The vocabulary exercise focuses on the boldfaced words in the reading and is designed to help students become more self-reliant by encouraging them to work out the meanings form the context.


Speaking and Listening

The purpose of these courses is to help students develop the language skills needed to achieve academic success. Students will develop Speaking and Listening skills by connecting to the real world through content and images. In these courses, students learn better and are more motivated when they can put English into action. Learners are engaged as workers, family members, and citizens through a communicative, practical, and active approach. Speaking focuses on the clear pronunciation of basic English vocabulary words and phrase.

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