The purpose of the Office of Academic Affairs is to maintain, enhance, and promote student and faculty engagement in a culture of learning, to support faculty research and teaching, and to ensure high quality academic program development in the service of students.

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  • Develop, plan, and implement curricula in cooperation with the faculty and Department Heads
  • Perform day-to-day tasks involving verification of student enrollment and other student official documents.
  • Work with Department Heads and faculty to conduct ongoing course and curriculum evaluations.
  • Coordinate the use and renovation of academic space.
  • Communicate with outside organizations and various University departments to coordinate activities, exchange information, and resolve issues or concerns.



The purpose of the Office of Admissions is to recruit, admit, and serve an eligible, diverse student population. It embraces the University's commitment to attain the quality of students who are able to matriculate and graduate, and it maintains the integrity of the admissions process. Through multiple recruitment strategies, the Office of Admissions works to ensure that eligible students have access to higher education.

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  • Advance the University's retention efforts by recruiting students who are an institutional fit.
  • Host or participate in events on and off campus to promote student learning about the University enrollment experience.
  • Facilitate prospective students' transition through timely and accurate information and personal advising.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with students, parents, counselors, campus personnel, and the community.
  • Secure the integrity of the University by providing equal opportunity and access for students, preserving fair requirements, and making just decisions.
  • Educate the community regarding the University's mission and the benefits of studying at this institution.
  • Keep the best interests, learning, and development of the students central to all it does.
  • Participate in New Student Orientation sessions



The Office of Business Affairs supports the educational programs of the university by providing effective and efficient utilization of all financial and physical resources available. The Office processes the billing and payments on student accounts, processes purchases and payments for goods and services used by the University, processes student, faculty, and staff payroll, and keeps all financial records, including financial reporting.

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  • Implement student billing procedures and collections procedures for outstanding tuition/fees
  • Conduct all necessary procedures for faculty and staff payrolls
  • Monitor and maintain all financial transactions of the University and provide financial reports
  • Make strategic investments that advance the University's mission.
  • Seek opportunities to increase effectiveness while reducing costs and complexity.
  • Manage the University's resources ensuring its sound financial condition
  • Prepare department for certified fiscal audits



The purpose of the Office of Campus Safety and Security is to assist the University in the pursuit and accomplishment of its mission by enhancing the quality of life at the University and coordinating crime prevention and security measures across the campus.

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  • Ensure University compliance with the Clery Act
  • Inform and educate students, faculty, and staff about the prevention of crime
  • Provide continuous information and report on campus safety and security
  • Publish and report annual crime statistics
  • Take necessary measures to prevent crime or theft against the University personnel or property
  • Work with administrative and local law enforcement agencies to ensure campus safety
  • Publish timely warning notices when a crime occurs on or near campus



The purpose of the Chaplain is to support the mission of the University by helping students, faculty, and staff express their faith and commitment to God at various occasions of worship on and off campus and advance in their spiritual formation process.

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  • Provide regular times of communal worship that includes but is not limited to: praise, preaching of the Word, and prayer
  • Oversee the University's Chapel Service as Institutional Requirement
  • Offer teaching in basic Christian beliefs and practices and their relevance to our daily lives
  • Encourage perspectives and practices that contribute to the spiritual formation process
  • Help build the communities of the disciples of Christ across the campus
  • Celebrate achievements, mourn losses, and offer public prayer for the concerns of the University, communities, and the Nations
  • Articulate, interpret, and embody the values of the University as a Christian institution
  • Provide appropriate counseling to students and refer them to external professional when necessary



The central purpose of the ESOL Office at Georgia Central University is to oversee the effectiveness of the ESOL program, including curriculum, students, faculty, and daily operations, and the program's alignment with the University's mission. The office is also responsible for placement testing (English proficiency testing) and for the University's Academic Tutoring Center, where tutoring is offered to students with academic difficulties.

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  • Improve the English language and study skills of international students in preparation for a transfer to degree programs.
  • Conduct regular assessments of the program's curriculum, instruction, and support services and develop improvement plans.
  • Establish and oversee program structures, teaching strategies, syllabi, student and classroom management, and program performance.
  • Maintain quality measures to ensure feedback and maintenance of standards
  • Hire, train, and supervise qualified instructors.
  • Provide students with the cultural knowledge and awareness necessary to transition from life and study in their own countries to the U.S.



The purpose of the Office of Facility Management at Georgia Central University is to support the University's mission by maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of allocated resources. The office manages, maintains, and repairs the University's facilities and manages energy usage on campus,

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  • Provide Responsive Quality Service
  • Maintain safe and attractive campus facilities and infrastructure
  • Practice sustainability through green initiatives and energy management
  • To improve departmental health and safety initiatives and emergency preparedness protocols. Ensure the appropriate application of operating, capital improvement, renovation, maintenance, repair and utility



The purpose of the Office of Financial Aid is to assist students in pursuing their educational goals by educating them about and providing access to an array of financial resources to fund their education. The Office of Financial Aid supports the mission of the University by striving to remove financial barriers so that students may focus on academic success.

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  • Assist qualified students in meeting their educational goals through effective utilization of scholarships and dissemination of scholarship retention information.
  • Provide courteous and efficient service and financial aid support to students, faculty, administrative and auxiliary services to foster institutional effectiveness.
  • Maximize sources of governmental, institutional, and private funding for students.
  • Provide personalized, timely, quality service to our customers and each other.
  • Maintain a close working relationship with Admission Services, the Office of Business Affairs, the Office of Academic Affairs, and other university constituents.
  • Demonstrate integrity, ethical behavior in working with confidential information and maintain a high level of confidentiality.
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local regulations, laws, and policies in the administration of financial aid and scholarship programs.



The purpose of the GCU Library is to provide information services and biblical resources to support the scholarly and information needs of the GCU community, and to share resources with those outside the University by organizing and maintaining an excellent collection of print and non-print resources, providing instruction on and assistance with the acquisition of information, and by creating an academic atmosphere that fosters lifelong learning and intellectual inquiry.

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  • Collect materials for class and research needs
  • Organize resources efficiently and enable ease of access
  • Assist users in finding information
  • Teach information research skills
  • Maintain a variety of materials and maintain an academic and cultural environment
  • Promote cultural, academic, and spiritual enhancement in the community through sharing materials with local residents
  • Establish Inter-Library Loan agreements to assist students
  • Build community relationships through the use of library facilities and community activities



The purpose of the Office of Information Technology is to provide technology leadership to the entire University community by providing state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and institutional technological systems that support and enhance successful student learning outcomes, research, and institutional effectiveness. The office is responsible for the network infrastructure, telephone communications, and academic, e-mail, and institutional software systems. It provides technology support to all units of the University in support of the institutional mission and vision.

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  • Develop relevant and accessible web content
  • Provide a range of tools to enable end-users to be self-sufficient and self-guided in accessing institutional data
  • Develop and implement secure data storage infrastructure and processes to support campus-wide needs for assessment and analysis and day-to-day operations
  • Develop and implement processes for tracking departmental and program outcomes



The purpose of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to contribute to the strategic planning, policy formulation, and decision-making processes of Georgia Central University by providing leadership in institutional assessment and quality enhancement, and by advancing and providing timely and accurate quantitative and qualitative information, analyses and summary reports.

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  • Serve as a primary informational resource for the ongoing processes of institutional assessment and quality management.
  • Support educational program efforts at measuring student learning outcomes
  • Support the Office of Planning at completing accreditation studies and assuring continuous quality improvement.
  • Respond to administrative and faculty requests for information and as a resource for survey formulation, methodology and assessment regarding students, faculty/staff and other populations.



The purpose of the Office of International Student and Scholars Office is to assist international students and scholars at Georgia Central University by providing support and advising to ensure academic success while maintaining compliance with immigration regulations and University policies.

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  • Conduct international student orientation sessions that help guide international students through a smooth transition in their academic, social, and cultural adjustment to life at Georgia Central University.
  • Provide cross cultural and practical adjustment resources and advising
  • Advise students and scholars how to secure visas, maintain immigration status, and secure the benefits of that status.
  • Manage SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) compliance.
  • Advocate across the campus for the distinctive issues international students and scholars face in their transition to life at Georgia Central University.



The purpose of the Office of Online Learning is to advance GCU's mission by extending the University's reach to potential students who are otherwise not able to participate in the degree programs offered in traditional ways and enable them to acquire quality education from any location through the online delivery system. Online education also provides the University's students with diversified learning opportunities.

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  • To offer comprehensive distance learning programs to more fully meet the educational and training needs of the community.
  • Spread the word of God and Biblical principles to a larger audience via an online delivery system.
  • Engage and maintain competent, qualified faculty that possess current technical and professional knowledge and experience, engage in ongoing professional development, and have the ability to convey this knowledge to students.
  • Attract qualified students of diverse backgrounds.



The purpose of the Office of Planning is to provide oversight for and facilitate a consistent cycle of planning and continuous improvement, promote and contribute to a culture of decision making that is mission-driven and data informed, and support the University's efforts to develop and maintain a body of evidence that the institution is achieving its goals. The Office of Planning collaborates across all units of the institution and integrates data about the University with institutional and student learning assessment results. The office is also responsible for the University's ongoing compliance with state, federal, and accreditation regulations.

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  • Coordinate accreditation efforts, ensuring the University's continuing compliance with accreditation standards and state and federal regulations
  • Coordinate all aspects of University-wide strategic planning
  • Consult with department heads and faculty on learning outcomes assessment and program reviews, promoting best practices and continuous improvement
  • In collaboration with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, lead the development, implementation, and review of University assessment policies and processes.



The purpose of the Office of Student Affairs is to further the institution's mission by providing all necessary support, encouragement, and services to help students achieve their full potential and academic growth while they are studying at Georgia Central University.

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  • Provide student advocacy, advising, counseling, and problem solving
  • Guide and provide assistance to and oversee new students
  • Oversee student conduct and grievance policies and procedures
  • Develop, monitor, evaluate, and communicate individual accommodation plans for students with disabilities
  • Perform on-call duty, follow-up and referrals for student violation and hospitalization, and respond to student crises.
  • Oversee on-campus employment opportunities
  • Oversee the universitys career services
  • Develop, monitor, and evaluate student on and off-campus activities



The purpose of the Faculty Senate is to lead the faculty toward fulfilling their responsibilities in the shared governance of Georgia Central University and to represent faculty interests to the University's administration and the community. The Faculty Senate is responsible for exercising its vested authority in ensuring that faculty input is sustained, and to oversee policies and procedures that promote an effective and healthy educational environment. The Faculty Senate serves as a liaison between faculty and administration.

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  • To promote GCU as an excellent educational institute,
  • To develop and improve further the quality of faculty and students,
  • To protect the University from any harm from within and without,
  • To protect its faculty and students from injustice, unfair practices and out of due processes, and
  • To advise the University Administration on matters the Faculty Senate determines necessary.



The mission of the Student Government Association is to ensure student participation in the University decision-making process, which helps to voice the needs, concerns and rights of each student and ultimately works toward the advancement of the University community.

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  • Improve students' engagement in academics.
  • Increase partnerships with stakeholders of Georgia Central University to provide better solutions to concerns raised by students.
  • Build a community-oriented culture in the Georgia Central University community by promoting inter-organizational collaboration with the Student Organization.
  • Delegate student leadership across the campus for inclusive and participatory decision making