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Colleges and Schools

School of Business

Our mission is to produce leaders in business who glorify God’s Kingdom. We teach business techniques and, at the same time, we teach how business can be used to glorify God. Our mission is to educate and train our students to show that all aspects of business, including profit, competition and financing, glorify God because they are reflective of God’s nature. GCU Business School is unlike others; we emphasize all aspects of business decisions from a Christian respective.

With a degree in Business from GCU, you will be able to:

  • Understand the relevant financial issues of the current market system
  • Understand techniques to maximize IT knowledge to communicate both within and outside of corporate organizations
  • Understand the concepts of marketing
  • Understand the importance of human resource management
  • Understand the unique challenges of the globalization of operations

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

This program provides students a high-quality education in business for both those seeking a general education and those seeking an executive- or professional-level education.

Master of Business Administration

The program offers opportunities for the working professional to gain real business knowledge with a biblical worldview.

School of Christianity

GCU’s School of Christianity educates and disciplines students to serve the Church and Community with Biblical competencies and a Christian Worldview. In every generation, God calls his people to make a difference as they know and live the Scripture. We are committed to providing a quality undergraduate education that integrates the truths of our Lord God's Word with all knowledge. One focus shapes our approach to education: equipping students with the tools – academic, spiritual and practical – that will enable them to fulfill the primary calling of the Word, to provide leadership and educational resources for shaping an effective evangelical presence in church and community.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education (BACE) program focuses on equipping students with personal integrity and integration of theoretical and practical learning specially designed for educational effectiveness and profession.

Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies

The Bachelor programs in theological studies at GCU concentrate on Biblical competency, personal integrity and integration of theoretical and practical learning.

School of Divinity

The curriculum of the School is composed mainly of four basic emphases: religious heritage, cultural context, personal and spiritual formation, and capacity for ministerial and public leadership. Through its curriculum program, the School’s graduates are expected to:

  • Be faithful interpreters of the Bible, informed by contemporary biblical scholarship in the area of biblical studies; and of the Christian faith and practice, informed by Reformed-evangelical heritage and history.
  • Be responsible communicators of diverse social and cultural contexts, informed by ethnic/cultural studies from biblical, missionary, and educational perspectives.
  • Be truthful disciples of Christ, regularly practicing personal and spiritual maturity and observing spiritual discipline.
  • Be competent and efficient leaders for preaching, leading worship, counseling, and evangelism in the church and other settings

Master of Arts in Christian Education

The MACE program is designed to equip and prepare students to become competent leaders in the educational ministries of the churches.

Master of Arts in Mission Studies and World Christianity

The MAMSWC program is designed to integrate studies in academic and practical theology in the area of modern mission studies, with a concentration in either urban or global studies.

Master of Divinity

The M.Div. program is designed to educate and train dedicated Christians who seek to serve as ordained ministers, evangelists, missionaries, and other ministry leaders.

Doctor of Ministry

The D. Min. program is designed to educate experienced ministers who are seeking to enhance their ministries with advanced theological understanding and research.

Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies

The Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies Program provides tangible, positive leadership for Christian ministries in general, as well as developing creative strategies and solutions to various problems of ministries in a cross-cultural context at home and abroad.


School of Music

The School of Music aims at cultivating musicians and music educators who are endowed with artistic creativity, fine personality, and professional knowledge, and a Christian world view, as well as being experts in music. School of Music tries to be a leader in the musical arts where talented students work with our distinguished faculty. The School of Music educates its students to produce musicians who are able to play dynamic parts all throughout the world, as performers, composers, music scholars, and music educators.

Master of Arts in Music

The Master of Arts in Music degree is intended to allow talented musicians who have completed an undergraduate degree in music to pursue intensive graduate studies in performance. 

Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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