School of Music

  • 12.01.2015

School of Music

The School of Music aims at cultivating musicians and music educators who are endowed with artistic creativity, fine personality, and professional knowledge, and a Christian worldview, as well as being experts in music. School of Music tries to be a leader in the musical arts where talented students work with our distinguished faculty. The School of Music educates its students to produce musicians who are able to play dynamic parts all throughout the world, as performers, composers, music scholars, and music educators.

Master of Arts in Music

The Master of Arts in Music degree is intended to allow talented musicians who have completed an undergraduate degree in music to pursue intensive graduate studies in performance. 

Doctor of Musical Arts

The DMA degree program is to educate the most talented musicians at the highest musical level for achievement in their major field as well as to provide opportunities for students with verified accomplishments for professional musicianship.