Careers at GCU

  • 07.11.2016

Faculty Opening


Position: Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies

Department: School of Divinity

Rank: Assistant Professor

Tenure Status: Non-Tenure Track

Hours: Full-time Regular

Status: Exempt

Reports to: Dean of School of Divinity and Director of the PhD in Intercultural Studies Program

Available Date: August 1, 2018



Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies serves the mission of Georgia Central University by teaching graduate-level courses in the fields of Intercultural Studies and other areas of related disciplines and mentoring and supervising doctoral students in their dissertation process. The faculty is also expected to serve the PhD Program Committee and carry out other assigned duties for the School and University.


Principal Responsibilities:

  • Instruction
  • Facilitate student learning, provide effective instruction, and perform evaluations of student learning for all assigned classes, using each course's standard course outline as a guide.
  • Develop course curriculum, course handouts, lectures, labs, and presentations.
  • Participate in program level learning assessment. Participation includes helping articulate learning outcomes, choosing and administering measures, evaluating student performance, and suggesting changes to improve student learning.
  • Work with other faculty and administrators in developing program curriculum, standards, and policies, including reviewing and participating in textbook selection process where appropriate.
  • Schedule, supervise, debrief, and evaluate students in presentation, internship, observation, seminar, field experience, and similar settings as appropriate for the course or program.
  • Be available to students via email, phone, or personal conferences.
  • Assign grades and maintain course/student records in accordance with FERPA regulations and submit grades and records by established deadlines.
  • Meet all classes and other scheduled responsibilities such as office hours and meetings at the designated times.


  • Professional Development


  • Participate in summative and formative faculty evaluation process.
  • Remain current in academic or program discipline, including continuing education requirements where appropriate.
  • Receive training or stay current in technological or pedagogical advances that promote student learning.
  • Participate in the Program’s professional development activities.


  • Service to the University and Communities


  • Help students identify and achieve their educational goals through participating in the Program’s advising process, as well as providing incidental academic advice to students in classes.
  • Post and keep on campus hours to facilitate interaction with students, other faculty, staff, administrators, and the public.
  • Serve standing or ad hoc committees, advisory boards, search committees, faculty senate, or as a student organization advisor.
  • Attend local, regional, state, or national meetings where required or necessary for the discipline.
  • Mentor and assist in orienting new faculty, either formally or informally where appropriate or required by department or division.
  • Attend commencement or other ceremonies appropriate to the faculty member's discipline or program.
  • Attend departmental, divisional, and college-wide meetings where appropriate or as required by supervisors
  • Perform other academically-related duties as assigned by the supervisors.
  • Serve local churches and communities in the Greater Atlanta area with his/her own expertise.



  1. A PhD or ThD in Intercultural Studies or a related discipline (ABD may be considered but will need to obtain a terminal degree by June 2018)
  2. Teaching and research experiences
  3. Sufficient years of intercultural ministry experience
  4. Potential for a strong record of publications in a chosen field
  5. Informed agreement with GCU’s Biblical Foundations Statement and Philosophy of Education Statement
  6. Competence to teach, advise, and communicate both in English and Korean
  7. Administrative experiences preferred


How to Apply:

Send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae, with the names of three references, to: Intercultural Studies Search Committee, Attention: Mia Kang, Associate Director of Academic Affairs, Georgia Central University, 6789 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30360, or via email to: Submission deadline: January 31, 2018. Application forms will be sent to promising candidates.