Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies

  • 12.01.2015


The goal of the Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies is to prepare undergraduate students as lay leaders or vocational ministers for educational leadership in local churches, linked to the GCU’s vision to glory God by equipping them with biblical principles and Christian worldview. The BATS program concentrates on Biblical competency, personal integrity and integration of theoretical and practical learning.


  • Graduates of the BATS will be prepared to:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of modern society and its culture.
  • Prove knowledge of the Bible and Christian theology, and Church history
  • Enhance the ability to carry out the ministries of the local church.
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand the counseling principles and techniques required to meet individual needs.
  • Apply appropriate hermeneutics of the Bible to a lifelong pattern of spiritual growth and personal development

Program Requirements

The BATS program requires 126 credit hours for graduation. The curriculum includes 45 credit hours in general education courses and 81 credit hours in major coursework. IR (WS305 Institutional Requirement) is required of all students, every semester of enrollment. A full-time student following the course sequencing provided will be able to complete the program in eight semesters, or four years.

The curriculum is available in the catalog on page 69, you can download it here