Safety Precaution

For your safety and health concern, please be mindful of the following as you enter the building: 1. Sign-in your name and time; 2. Check your body temperature, using the uncontactable thermometer; 3. If the color is gre...

Welcome New & Transferred Students 학생모집 공고

Come to find and achieve your vision! 당신의 비전을 찾고 성취할 수 있는 대학, 조지아센추럴 대학교로 오세요!

SEVIS I-20 Approved

SEVP has approved GCU to issue I-20 for the non-immigrant students who hold F-1 or J-1 visa(s). 유학생들 (F-1 visa holders) 들에게 I-20 발급이 재승인 되었습니다.  F-1 또는 J-1 비자를 취득한 학생 및 학자들이 본교에 등록할 ...

New Dean of School of Divinity

Rev. Sung Shik Jang, Ph.D. is newly appointed as the Dean of School of Divinity. 기독일보 기사[링크] : 보수 정통개혁 신학과 신앙의 중심지로 시대의 부흥 이끄는 본산지 될 것

Notification of Faculty Recruitment

School of Music Program

GCU School of Music recruits new students for BA, MA, & DMA programs.