In each course, students’ academic performance is based their participation, quiz scores, and midterm and final exam scores, as shown in the table below. The average of all course grades determines whether a student needs to repeat a level, or progress to the next level.

Evaluation Process

This is how you will be evaluated

# Assignments Number Percentage
1 Participation 8 10%
2 Weekly Quizzes 6 20%
3 Midterm Exam 1 35%
4 Final Exam 1 35%
5 Total (Course Grade) 16 100%

To pass a level and progress to the next level, a student must obtain a minimum average grade of 60% and attend at least 75% of the session. However, students are strongly encouraged to obtain an average grade of 70% (2.0 GPA) or more in order to remain in good academic standing

Important notes
  • Participation: Each week, every student receives a participation score which reflects their attendance, completed homework, and how well they engaged in class discussions.

  • Weekly Quizzes: Each quiz covers the material learned in the course within a given week.

  • Midterm Exam: The midterm exam covers the material learned during the first half of the session.

  • Final Exam: The final exam covers the material learned during the second half of the session.

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