Level Placement

Upon registration, new and transfer students are administered a placement test to determine their individual levels. The placement test includes Listening Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension. Testing takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Important notes
  • GCU ESOL instructors and administrators have sole authority to conduct placement testing and determine placement level. Students may not select their own level of study and must follow the placement committee’s decision. However, to ensure correct placement, class performance is observed during the first three days of the session, and placement adjustments may be made.

  • Previous study at an English Language Center or School (other than GCU) will not affect placement or allow the ESOL placement exam to be waived.

  • A valid photo ID is required to test.

  • No cell phone, notes, dictionary, or textbook is allowed during the test. Students will be given a pencil or a pen and blank paper for notes.

  • Students taking the placement test must arrive on time. Late arrivals may need to reschedule.

  • After placement testing, an academic advisor will meet with the student to discuss test scores and proper placement in the program

  • Students must contact the ESOL Office to schedule their placement test.

New Student Orientation

All new and transfer students are required to attend the New Student Orientation prior to the beginning of the session. After completion of a tour of the university, students will receive an ESOL Catalog and an Orientation Checklist, which they will initial and sign as the ESOL administrator covers the University and ESOL program policies and procedures. NSO occurs on the first day of each academic session. Attending NSO is mandatory for all new and transfer students.

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