Undergraduate Admissions

To be eligible for admission, applicants are required to :
• Have a High School Diploma or GED certificate
• Have satisfactory scores on the SAT/ACT

Undergraduate Admissions package
  1. $100 Application Fee(nonrefundable)
  2.   Application for Admission
  3.   Self-Description & Study Plan
  4.   A Recommendation Letter
  5.   Student Disclosure Form
  6.   Release and Assignment
  7.   Biblical Foundations Statement
  8.   Certificate of Immunization
  9.   Assumption of Risk and Liability Release
  10. Government-issued Photo ID
  11. A High school diploma or GED Certificate
  12. Official High School Transcript or GED transcript
  13. Official SAT or ACT score
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Notification : When the necessary documents and fees have been received, the application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. The Committee will notify the applicant, in most cases, around three weeks following the completion of an application file. The approved application will be valid for one year from the date of approval.